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How to Design a Custom Closet to Keep it Tidy and Organized

Custom closet designer LI
Custom closets are an effective way to efficiently store your clothes, shoes, holiday decorations

Custom closets are an effective way to efficiently store your clothes, shoes, holiday decorations, food items and other belongings. With the help of an expert custom closet designer on Long Island, custom designed shelves, rods and compartments are aimed to suit whatever your needs may be. However, even with a custom closet, it is still important to remain on top of your organization so the closet does not become cluttered. This often happens when closets simply do not have enough space for all of our stuff. The professionals at A&G Designs have developed tips to ensure that your custom closet remains tidy and organized.

Develop a system and make sure every belonging has a place. Whether your custom closet or storage system is in your bedroom, pantry or a garage, there needs to be a system developed to maximize the effectiveness and ease of organization.  If the custom closet is designed to maximize space for all of your items – including those that typically prove difficult to store, such as purses or jewelry – it will be easier to put the items away neatly, making it more likely that you stay on stop or your closets organization.

Make your closet storage friendly, but also stylish. If you a view a closet as another room in your home, it is more likely you will take the time to keep it neat as opposed to a dumping ground for everything and anything. A way to ensure that a closet stays neat is to add design elements that cause you to enjoy your closet space. These design elements can include elaborate finishes, upgraded lighting, a stylish mirror or even a sitting area of space allows. The more you love the look and feel of your closet, the more motivated you will be to keep it neat.

Consider a mix of open and closed closet storage. A combination of both open and closed storage in a custom closet is both functional and stylish. The purpose is to display items that deserve display, such as jewelry or handbags, while “hiding” others. A great hidden gem to consider when designing a custom closet is laundry hampers or bins.

Keep in mind that your closet needs may change over time. Just like in the rest of your life, it is important to remain flexible when designing a custom closet. Flexibility is important in both purpose, and design. For example, if you are single now but plan to have a significant other move in, while the purpose of the closet serve the functionality of you both. Is the design of the closet flexible enough to stand the test of time in terms of your design preference? These things should be considered before a design is finalized to enhance effectiveness and cost-savings.

For many, decorating a home does not typically include closet space. However, closets are crucial to a home and should not be overlooked when designing or decorating a home. In order for a closet to serve its ultimate purpose, it should be designed in a manner that is both aesthetically pleasing and useful. If you want to upgrade your closet to a custom closet on Long Island, contact the professionals at A&G Designs today.

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