Building a Custom Showcase Closet System for Your Wedding Dress

The dress you wore on your big day holds...

The dress you wore on your big day holds so many memories. Whenever you look at it, it takes you back to your wedding day – and not just the wedding itself, the planning, the butterflies in your stomach before walking down the aisle, the anticipation. Wedding dresses have always been the most precious wedding memory for every bride. Thus, most brides want to preserve their wedding dresses for as long as they can with hopes that one day their daughter will wear it on her wedding day. Or perhaps just to keep it accessible to look at it whenever they want and reminisce about their special day. This also makes them relive those moments again.

So building a custom showcase closet for your wedding dress is a wonderful option to preserve your dress.

Why should I build a custom showcase closet for my wedding dress?

A custom closet with a display showcase can do it all. It preserves the dress, it doesn’t let it get exposed to harsh surroundings as it can get dirty or might develop stains over time. Moreover, if it’s kept in your custom closet well-preserved in a showcase, you can see it whenever you feel like and revisit your wedding day. Imagine how beautiful it will look if you display your wedding dress in a beautifully embedded closet with your regular closets. It is going to be a remarkable addition to your lovely walk-in closet.

A well-built enclosed closet will protect your dress from stains, oxidation spots, light, and dust.

How can you build a custom walk-in showcase closet for your wedding dress?

Well, first you need a vision. Get inspiration from Pinterest, Houzz, and even from blog posts. Once you have the vision, it’s time to bring the professionals to convert your vision into reality. Hire professionals who can design a custom showcase closet tailored to your requirements and needs.

You can work with your designer and get your closet designed around your wedding dress. You can incorporate accentuated lightning to light-up the closet room. In addition, you can design a glass door through which you can see your full dress from top to bottom. It will give your closet a luxurious look that is worth spending on.

How much Does custom showcase closet costs?

When it comes to getting a custom showcase closet for your wedding dress, the cost varies. There are a few factors that decide the cost of your closet including the materials used, the company you hire and even the size of the closet.

Using your wedding dress as a piece of artwork in your closet or home is a great way to cherish your wedding memories and making them a part of your everyday life.

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