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We Customize Closets of All Shapes and Sizes

Because our products are built to suit your existing closet’s measurements, we can customize closets of any size. If you live in a home with very large, very small, or oddly shaped closets, don’t worry: We can work with it!

* Walk-in Closets: The walk-in closet in your master bedroom has to do double-duty if you have a spouse or partner sharing the space. We can help you get yours in great shape with a variety of closet organizers, including extra clothing rods, shelving, shoe racks, accessories, and more.

* Reach-in Closets: A reach-in closet is a small closet that you don’t walk into. Examples include the linen closet, the coat closet, and any hall closets that you may have. With small spaces comes a greater potential for clutter, so let us assist you in creating an excellent closet design for your smallest closets.

* Kids' Closets: Children are not just short adults, so in addition to providing your little ones with closet organizers at kid-friendly heights, we also work to give them the space they need to store their current treasures and belongings. Best of all, our kids’ closets grow along with your child.
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Closet Designers

The professionals at Custom Closets A&G Designs transform generic closets and open spaces into beautiful, custom-designed storage systems. With an eye for stunning design, our experts create practical, yet beautiful, shelving and storage for any application.

A&G Designs is the top custom closet designer in the New York area. We make locally manufactured and custom-designed closets that can help to maximize your space and help organize your personal belongings. Our designs are created to match your style, with rich color, stylish design, and useful organization. Efficient storage in a custom closet designed by Custom Closets A&G Designs will make your life easier and more relaxed.


Bedroom closets can be designed to suit your storage needs regardless of the shape, size or type of closet. Custom Closets A&G Designs can create a walk-in closet, reach-in closet or custom wardrobe to fit your bedroom’s organizational needs.

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